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Drumming in the Jewish Community

Drum Shalom
Drum Shalom

The Jewish people are a tribal culture with an ancient musical tradition. As we have wandered in the Diaspora, we have gathered and incorporated traditions from local and host cultures. Today, in North America there is a resurgence of interest in hand drumming. This is inspiring Jews to pick up their drums and reconnect with this most basic primal Biblical instrument. As it is said in Exodus “and Miriam the prophetess took her drum and tambourine and led the women in dance.”

As Jews search their musical roots and are drawn to the drum, why should they be forced outside of the Jewish community to satisfy this need? Drum Shalom offers a drumming circle for the Jewish community, in conjunction with the JCA and other interested temples and synagogues. Drumming is a group-building activity, cutting across all denominational lines and ages. And yes, even teenagers are drawn to drum!

As we carry Jewish drumming to a wider audience, we create a sense of belonging to more than just a synagogue, a Jewish group; we create an experience of belonging to a much larger sense of community. Ultimately this will, G!d willing, foster fresh ideas in our Jewish community through new music and offer unaffiliated Jews an entry point into Jewish life.

Bring your own drum if you can. If you don’t have a drum, we usually have some extras.