Desert Wind artists Alan and Andalin Bachman and Rajab Juma on hand drums. Award winning Alan Bachman, with his songs, vocals, and dazzling keyboard work and Andalin Bachman, with her wide assortment of soaring flutes, have been instrumental in continuing the spread of Jewish mystical music in the spirit of Shlomo Carlebach za”l and Renewal. Alan is also serving as our rabbinic intern and will be sharing his thoughts and teachings on the new year.

Desert Wind is internationally acclaimed for its high energy fusion jazz, rock, and world-beat music. With almost 200 BMI songs selling on Amazon.Com, iTunes, CDBaby, and throughout cyberspace, there have been nearly two million digital streams and downloads of this inspirational music, including the Jewish 2 CD Set “She is a Tree of Life” and “Kabbalah Shekhinah

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Spirit of the Desert is a warm and welcoming Jewish Renewal community that seeks to provide joyful transformative healing and relevant spirituality.

We are passionately committed to reconnecting Jews back to their roots and we draw upon mystical and Chassidic traditions.

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Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat services

Currently services are through Zoom until such time that we may safely resume in-person meetings.

Various times and locations. Please visit our home page, our Shabbat Services page, or our calendar.

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